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Calle Noruega E10-31 y 6 de Diciembre Noruega E10-31, Quito 170515, Ecuador


+593 2-225-0946

Academia Latinoamericana de Español in Quito

Address: Calle Noruega 156 y 6 de Diciembre

P.O. BOX. 17-17-593

Tel (593 2) 2250 946 – 2267 904 – 2267 905 – 2278 991

Fax (593 2) 2267 906


Our Quito Spanish school is set in the residential area of La Carolina, in the northern part of Quito. The school is well connected by the Ecovia and many bus lines, and many restaurants, shops, parks and shopping centers are nearby. The main tourist area and Quito’s Colonial old town are only a short bus ride away.

Academia Latinoamericana is housed in a beautiful colonial building with an interior patio, 21 classrooms, video room with amplification equipment, library, teachers room, auditorium, solarium, cafeteria, multipurpose indoor court (racquetball, volleyball, speed soccer and basketball field), internet service, access and bathroom for wheelchair use, elevator, nine classrooms with digital connection for interactive participation between the schools in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Home stays in Quito, Ecuador

Host family accommodation with a private room is included with all weekly rates, providing a loving, attentive home network. Breakfast, dinner and laundry service are provided by your family. Only very few host families live more than a 10-20 minute walk or bus ride from the school. Singles, married couples and parents with children can all be accommodated. Hotel accommodation can be arranged if desired.

It is a very nice gesture if you bring your host family a little gift from your home. This may be anything typical from your country or city, such as chocolates, candies, postcards, calendars, etc. …any little souvenir!

Accommodation in Quito, Ecuador

Study environment

Classes are held in small groups (maximum 5 students), in classrooms, lounges or outside in the garden, based on individual preference. Clothing is casual and comfortable amongst the students and a bit more formal for the professors.

International atmosphere

A particular pleasure for many of our students is the opportunity to meet others from all over the world. To date, Academia Latinoamericana has hosted students from the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Brazil…

Business Center

The Quito Spanish school provides a special area full of services for their students: Full time bilingual secretary, computers and printer, internet access, fax machine, study and work area.wi fi access

Access to email / Internet

Academia Latinoamericana is 100% wireless and students can take advantage of this wonderful WI-FI service. You only need to bring your own laptop and have unlimited internet access for FREE!

There is email / internet service available at the school for a reasonable price ($ 0.50 for 30 minutes) and there are also several reasonably priced internet cafes close to the school and all over the city.


As part of the program you have the opportunity to learn about the country, its history and people. In addition to lectures we offer trips to places of interest such as museums, fruit markets, professional soccer games and a night at the folkloric ballet. Participate in as many activities as you like during your program at Academia Latinoamericana. Organized trips or group activities are offered two to four times per week. These provide a great opportunity to find out about the country and its culture.

We also organize trips to exciting destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, Cotopaxi and the rainforest. Every trip we offer has been tried and tested by the staff at Academia Latinoamericana, and we always take into account and act upon any feedback from students who have participate the excursions.

At Academia Latinoamericana you can find a well-equipped library with updated maps and travel guides, which you are free to use at any time in order to organize your individual travels.

Activities vary from week to week.

Student life: cultural activities


Academia Latinoamericana has a library that houses a wide collection of books on social sciences, art, Spanish grammar, Ecuadorian history, religion, literature and Ecuador and South America travel guides. The library offers a quiet retreat for students who would like to study, research or simply read certain books with a fantastic view of the Pichincha volcano.

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