LatinoSchools has created an excellent program for studying Spanish online from the comfort of your office or home. Trained professors will teach at your convenience via video chats with multiple educational materials specially designed for online learning.


Important Information

$15 per hour
Length of program


1 to 16 weeks


1:1 Student|Teacher


Personalized curriculum



Your enrollment will be in units of 20 hours of class from which you can anticipate progressing through one level. No other materials are necessary.

For our first-time students, we offer a special price of twenty ($20) dollars for two (2) hours of classes to learn about the program, try the quality of our teachers, and decide if you wish to continue taking online classes with LatinoSchools.

If you wish to participate in this special promotion, you only need to make an online payment following this link and letting us know the best day to confirm your two hours of Spanish classes with us:

We have flexible schedules; however, we recommend a minimum of two hours a week with a continued commitment to completing homework, activities, and conversations.

After you take your first two hours of classes, you can decide to purchase your package of classes for the following days:

Schedule available for online courses:

From Monday to Friday:

07h30 to 08h30
08h30 to 09h30
09h30 to 10h30

11h00 to 12h00
12h00 to 13h00

13h30 to 14h30
14h30 to 15h30
15h30 to 16h30
16h30 to 17h30
17h30 to 18h30

19h00 to 20h00
20h00 to 21h00
21h00 to 22h00