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With our Activa program, you can learn Spanish while experiencing Latin American culture firsthand and gaining a deeper understanding of it. You will build new connections with people, exchange experiences, and see the fantastic attractions unique to Latin America. If you’re an intrepid traveler, the Activa program is your course.

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Important Information

$590 per week, including classes, activities with transportation, entrances and tickets.
Length of program


1 to 4 weeks, 7 hours a day.


5 students per class.


Cultural activities every day.


4 hours of Spanish Classes + 3 hours of cultural activities.

The Activa program offered at LatinoSchools is ideal for people who want to learn while being immersed in the culture. Through the small class sizes that LatinoSchools offer, you will receive personalized support, aiding in your learning process and reinforcing language skills. Our teachers will guide you throughout the learning experience, making your stay insightful, memorable, and enjoyable.

The best thing about the Activa program is the amount of cultural, sporting, and touristic activities it offers. In the morning, you will have Spanish lessons and in the afternoons you’ll practice what you have learned with native Latin Americans, by immersing yourself completely in the local culture. There are excursions available, week-long trips, and more. With LatinosSchools, you will discover the most emblematic places of Latin America, such as the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon.

There is an office at the school that can help you organize your tailor-made tours and sightseeing.