Our private Spanish classes offer the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in an individual and personalized environment.

Our individual Spanish language classes adapt to your pace, needs, and schedule, so not having enough time is no longer an excuse for not learning a new language.

Private Spanish Classes, llama

Important Information

$ 15 per hour
Length of program


No limit.


1:1 Student|Teacher.


Personalized curriculum.


Max 6 hours per day (recommended).
Private Spanish Courses, llama
Private Spanish Classes, Siele

Our teachers will guide you through the entire learning process, so that you can achieve the your desired goals and reinforce any areas of improvement. For this reason, our private Spanish classes are ideal for people who intend to study abroad and need a specialized syllabus according to their studies, travelers with limited schedules, or entrepreneurs who want to expand their business abroad or need to study Spanish in order to progress in their careers.

If your private classes will be taken in person, you will enjoy wonderful activities during the program in LatinoSchools. You will be able to go on short excursions to weeklong trips; discover the Galapagos Islands, the charm of Machu Picchu, and much more!

There is an office at the school that can help you organize your tailor-made tours and sightseeing.