About LatinoSchools

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Our mission is to provide a tailored, immersive education experience in some of the richest cultural environments available in Latin America. Our Spanish school adapts to our student needs to offer the best Spanish courses and activites.


The students will use their experience here to advance their careers and enhance their personal lifes. Studying at LatinoSchools will open new exciting opportunities and the opportunity to learn about South American cultures.


LatinoSchools provides the best international and multicultural learning environments by truly believing in their core values. Integrity, Respect, Critical Thinking, Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion, and Effective Communication.


We are a family owned non-profit Spanish language institution founded in 1989 by Carlos del Corral and Rosita Ortiz de del Corral. Their passion for traveling the world lead them to create a company that can prodive learning and cultural experiences to people around the world.

LatinoSchools has a long tradition providing top-quality language instruction and wonderful home stay experiences to students. Fortunately, the students in our different Spanish schools in Quito, Cuzco, and Sucre come from many different countries throughout the world. We teach Spanish to people from all ages. Last but not least, make friends while studying Spanish abroad!


In addition to Spanish language immersions, we also offer unique opportunities for taking classes in unique courses in Business, Medicine, Indigenous Culture, and much more.

Moreover, you have several options to study Spanish courses with us. Either, for university credits or for personal enrichment. In addition, you can give back to the local community through volunteering in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Additionally, internships and volunteer programs are also a great choice to improve your Spanish level. Get to know Latin America and try a real Spanish immersion. Likewise, LatinoSchools selects the best accommodations and residences in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. According to our Spanish students needs, we choose the best locations as close as possible to our schools.