2019 New Year’s Resolutions: Travel to Latin America and Learn Spanish

With the beginning of the new year comes the time to set new goals and objectives to achieve. Traveling, learning a new language, losing weight, quitting smoking… are some of the good intentions for the new year that we usually have each year and that many times stay by the wayside. Take note of the advantages of including learning Spanish in Latin America on your wish list for 2019 and get them to stop being unresolved tasks.

Traveling, better for health than physical exercise

According to the Traveler’s Sweet Spot survey, more than half of Americans say their mood improves much more by traveling than with other activities such as sports or shopping, and about 44% regret not making more trips.

A healthy habit that stimulates both men and women and helps them have a happier, more relaxed life. Because the fact of undertaking a trip also has important benefits for our mood. The adventure of traveling helps us generate more endorphins, which contribute to a greater state of emotional well-being.

Traveling, better for health than physical exercise

Traveling often also means many opportunities to be active. When we travel, we want to try new things and see all the interesting places on that destination. We may even be encouraged to do some outdoor sports.

In addition, just walking around any city or town is, in fact, an important physical activity. Then, travel is a perfect opportunity for doing exercise.

Latin America, one of the favorite destinations for traveling in 2019

There are several places in Latin America recommended for a visit in 2019. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Paraguay are the top 10 destinations to which to travel next year.

In terms of Latin American cities to visit next year, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima, Quito, Bogotá, Santiago, São Paulo, Cuzco, La Paz, and Caracas are on the top 10 places.

Among the regions of the world that any traveler should visit, the North of Peru stands out, one of the most spectacular areas of South America, according to many publications. And among the cheapest destinations in the world, Ecuador, a country that makes travel an affordable adventure for all pockets.

Language travel to learn Spanish

Latin America, one of the favorite destinations in 2019

Language travel to learn Spanish, a good New Year’s resolution

Traveling also expands your mind. A benefit that will be even greater if the trip is to a foreign country and with a different language and culture. According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people who travel and study another language abroad tend to be more open and emotionally stable.

This is because they have to handle new situations that they have not lived before and that they learn how to overcome. They also meet new people from other cultures that give them a more global approach to the world. Being able to adapt to a different culture and country gives them good skills for socializing and adapting to change.

Within the different languages you can learn, Spanish is perfect for improving your emotional intelligence. Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia are ideal destinations for language immersion in Spanish. In addition to studying Spanish, you will find happy and welcoming local communities that will make learning Spanish a very enjoyable experience.

Traveling, as confirmed by numerous researches, makes us happier, reduces our stress, improves our brain health and keeps our body and soul healthy. Discovering Latin America and learning Spanish could be one of your good purposes to be achieved in 2019.

Come and visit Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia and fulfill one of your New Year’s resolutions!