Advantages of learning Spanish with a partner

Learning a second language has become sufficiently popular by now that many people already know the differences, pros and cons of private and group lessons. Specifically Spanish, the second language most spoken worldwide by native speakers. It is spoken by over 577 million speakers worldwide, and it is estimated that around 22 million people are studying Spanish in 107 different countries. And the numbers are expected nothing but to increase in the upcoming years since is the preferred second language to learn in countries such as the United States.

As people are opting more and more to learn Spanish, new educational methods are appearing. One of them is semi-private lessons.

What are semi-private lessons?

Semi-private Spanish lessons offer all the advantages of private tutoring plus one more: you’ll enjoy them with someone of your trust. Whether you are a couple, family, friends, or coworkers, you’ll embark in the adventure of learning Spanish while living unforgettable moments with someone to whom share nostalgic memories when back home.

Classes consist of two people who want to learn Spanish together or reinforce specific areas of the language and last 4 hours a day. One good thing about semi-private lessons is that both partners share the same interests and have the same ideas in mind, therefore cooperation and mutual understanding is ensured. Also, they can agree on what they need to improve the most, so lessons are completely customized and adapted to their needs and tastes.

A teacher and two students

At the end of the course, they’ll have reached the objectives and goals they had when they signed up for the course and many more Spanish skills to add to their CVS. As it happens with the content, the duration of the program is also customized and can range from 1 to 12 weeks. Learning Spanish with whom you want, the way you want, during the time you want.

So much so that companies are already seeing the potential of semi-private lessons and considering as a good way for their employees to learn a language as economically and internationally powerful as Spanish.

Not to mention that when doing something with someone of your trust, the experience will be much more memorable and funnier. While in group lessons you meet new people and make new friends from many different parts of the world (which ensures a fantastic experience) isn’t everything better when someone you know is around?

Teacher giving instructions to two students

Going abroad to study with a partner means enjoying experiences with new and local people while also having someone you know by your side for whenever you need to. And someone you’re friends with whom to laugh, share private jokes and talk to in your own language at some points (if you don’t feel ready to be all the time 100% into Spanish!)

It is comprehensible that traveling to a new faraway country by yourself may sound like something a bit scary, with the semi-private program, the problem is solved!

Another advantage it offers is the full immersion in the target culture. Classes in the morning and plenty of time during the afternoons to take guided tours around the city you’re staying (Quito, Cuzco or Sucre) or to even make trips lasting up to a week and discovering areas as amazing as Machu Picchu, Amazon basin, the Uyuni salt flat, and many more remarkable spots.

Finally, to guarantee that students are totally integrated in Latin American culture, accommodation is provided with a host family, with whom to talk in Spanish, discover Latin American culture and try the typical and most exquisite recipes!

Learn Spanish and discover Latin America