Live a full linguistic immersion in Spanish savoring The Andes

The Andes mountain range is the biggest continental mountain range in the world. It crosses 7 Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. The Andes mountains cover a surface area of almost 3 million km². In the Andes we can find the biggest volcanoes in the entire world and it has the biggest mountain in the world apart from Asia: the Aconcagua, 6960,8 meters high.

When it comes to wildlife, in the Andes we can find some of the most impressive wild animals in the world. Those are animals able to endure the harsh weather conditions and changing temperatures during day and night. Some of which are the rodent vizcacha, the biggest existing bird condor, pumas, guanacos or huemules. If you’re into wildlife, check our vocabulary post “Native Animals in South America” to know more about this! And some of the endemic flora is Yareta and the Pajonal de Ichu.

Condor flying

Does all of this sound impressive? Truth is Andes mountains are as amazing as they seem. What if you could discover this incredible natural treasure and many more in South America while learning Spanish?

Making that dream come true it’s possible! The course Flavors of the Andes offers the opportunity to people interested in learning Spanish to do so while travelling and discovering Latin America.

In our post “5 reasons why Spanish is the language of the future” we learned that Spanish is the second most spoken language worldwide, that Spanish-speaking territories continue to grow, that it is the second language of international communication and that it is gaining ground in international trade and business. How powerful these reasons are to learn Spanish! Many people are already aware of the many possibilities Spanish offers and are deciding to travel abroad to take a Spanish immersion course.

A place more people are deciding to embark into the adventure of learning Spanish in Latin America, in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. And they do so for a good reason: not only they are full of breathtaking sceneries and warm-hearted people, but their cuisines rank in the top (such as Peru) and they have been chosen as best natural destinations (such as Ecuador).

Sur Lípez, Bolivia

Fully aware of the potential of immersion courses (which have largely been proven to be the most effective tool for second languages learning) the course Flavors of the Andes offers a full linguistic immersion in the target destination. A thrilling way to immerse deep into the Latin American culture, culturally and historically rich.

Combining group lessons in the mornings (5 students) + private lessons during the afternoons with a tutor, the students are reassured that they will settle stable linguistic basis upon to which keep further constructing with the private tutor. As it always happens, there are usually differences among students in group classes. Each student has a different learning style, pace, rhythm and needs, that’s why it’s hard to meet them all for every student during group lessons.

On the other hand, they are the best way to practice conversation with people with the same interests as yours and coming from other countries and cultures. Anyway, you’ll reinforce your weak points and keep improving during the afternoons with your private tutor. And, as part of the course is to fully know Latin American culture and natural areas, you’ll have the chance to embark on trips up to one week long and discover places such as the Amazon rainforest or Galapagos islands.

Live Flavors of the Andes