Learn Spanish and travel. Do it all in Latin America

Ever had the feeling that you are a free spirit? That you need more than your day-to-day routine and that you crave for new and thrilling experiences? If that’s your case, you want to learn Spanish and feel curious about Latin America, we have good news for you!

In case you didn’t know, Spanish is the language of the future, it is the second most spoken language worldwide, with more than 420 million native speakers. And the numbers are expected nothing but to increase in the upcoming years. With these outstanding figures, it is not surprising that language schools are offering full immersion programs in Spanish.

Immersion programs have largely proven to be the best and most effective tool for language learning, enabling foreign students to learn the language at a faster speed and with great enthusiasm.
Students do not only study the language but get to live it daily with locals. Thus, learning Spanish with an immersion course will open up a new world to you, both linguistically and culturally. And will do so in a way impossible to achieve with regular courses from your country of origin.

Activa program. Learn Spanish and travel

Why learning Spanish in Latin America?

Traveling is always a life-changing experience. Whether within the same country and most especially when in abroad countries, when we travel we don’t come back the same. We get to live new experiences, meet new people, discover new ways of living and seeing reality…to make us, in the end, more tolerant and learning that the concept of ‘normality’ is so abstract and variable.

Latin America offers that and much more. Its 33 countries enclose as many worlds as we may think of, breathtaking sceneries and warm-hearted local people. Of these, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia stand out as some of the favorite destinations for students of Spanish. We don’t doubt why. Ecuador has been ranked as the best natural world destination and Peru has been chosen as the world’s best gastronomic and cultural destination.

What to say about the amazing natural treasures. Places such as the Galapagos Islands, the Machu Picchu or the Amazon Basin are waiting to all of those lucky enough to visit them at least once in a lifetime.

Learn Spanish and travel. Do it all in Latin America. Activa program

If you are already wondering how to live it all in Latin America, you don’t need to wait any longer. The Activa program, designed for passionate and adventurous people who want to enjoy Latin America to the fullest, offers Spanish courses in the morning and guided activities in the afternoons. All the cultural, sports and tourist activities are carefully selected by the school staff, often arranging for special topic courses in case there are students with specific interests.

From 1 to 4 weeks, students have the chance to accommodate with a host family or in a residence hall. It is at their convenience to choose between immersing even deeper in the local lifestyle or enjoying a multicultural and international environment. The Activa program offers Spanish lessons in classes with a reduced number of students, with 5 students per class. Students are then reassured that they have enough room for communication in the class and the personalized curriculum most enterprises are currently looking for.

With excursions available to near areas or trips of up to one week to some of the most breathtaking places of Latin America, the most adventurous and “active” students get to live a memorable experience!

Live the Activa Program in Latin America