Private or group classes, which are the best to learn Spanish?

One of the biggest doubts for anyone interested in learning Spanish is which type of course to choose. What is better, to enroll in a group Spanish class or in individual “1-to-1” classes?

The first thing we shall emphasize is that both options are equally advisable. Both private and group classes are designed in a way that students learn Spanish from day one. Therefore, what are the key points to know which is the best option for you?

In this article we will highlight the key elements that you should bear in mind when choosing between enrolling in a group Spanish course or a private teacher who will give you Spanish classes.

Group Spanish classes, good for socializing and losing shyness.

Group Spanish classes, good for socializing and losing shyness.

One of the biggest advantages of group Spanish classes is that, at the same time you are learning Spanish, you are making friends. A very important aspect to keep in mind if you decide to enroll in a Spanish course abroad, such as those offered by LatinoSchools in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

From the first day your classmates will become your new family away from home and you will be able to continue practicing Spanish when classes are over and you go out to discover your new city and get to know the country while traveling.

In addition, although it may sound strange, group Spanish classes help you to lose your shyness when it comes to speaking Spanish, because the students speak in turns and our teachers propose activities that enhance conversation and companionship among all the students.

In the case of private classes, you are the only student and, therefore, the teacher’s attention is focused solely on you, something that can bother the shyest people or those who avoid being the center of attention.

More dynamism and variety of activities

Another advantage of group Spanish classes is that they are more dynamic and allow for more varied activities to be carried out. For example, you can practice Spanish in pairs, in groups of three or four students, you can encourage all members of the class to speak Spanish, etc.

In addition, the participation of people from different backgrounds, personal tastes and views of the world creates a more diverse environment in the classroom with many different opinions that encourage richer conversations.

More dynamism and variety of activities

In the case of private Spanish classes, the main advantage is that you will have the opportunity to choose the topics you want to speak about, adapting them to your tastes and hobbies or personal, academic or professional goals. The conversation will revolve around fewer topics, but you will make sure you learn the Spanish you will need in your real life.

Different students, different knowledge and learning rhythms

In group classes, each student has a different level of Spanish and, surely, a different learning pace. This is a challenge for teachers, who must make sure that all students are following the lessons and develop their Spanish skills homogeneously.

Different students, different knowledge and learning rhythms

This is different in the case of individual classes, where the teacher prepares each one of the classes according to the knowledge, level of Spanish and learning pace of the student.

Thus, while in group classes you can meet people who need more time to learn or who have a more advanced level than yours, in the case of private classes everything will be adapted to your own pace.

Learning from the mistakes and doubts of others

If you are one of those who squints at the splinter in the other’s eye and fails to see the log in your own, group classes will be most useful for you. You will be able to learn from the mistakes of others, often easier to recognize than your own.

They will also help you to listen to the doubts about Spanish of the rest of the students, surely about topics that you would never have thought about.

If, on the other hand, self-correction and perfection are your goals, private Spanish classes will be much more helpful. The teacher will adapt the corrections to you and solve each and every one of the doubts that arise with explanations adapted especially for you.

Whatever you are, at LatinoSchools we have the group Spanish courses and private Spanish classes you are looking for.