Seminars on teaching methodology, a useful tool to become a better Spanish teacher

One of the main keys to be a good Spanish teacher is having a vocation. Feeling passion for teaching and transmitting that love for the Spanish language to Spanish students are the bases on which the best Spanish teachers build their teaching careers. If to these valuable qualities, necessary in a good Spanish teacher, we add an excellent training in which they instruct us on how to teach Spanish to foreigners, we will have our future as Spanish teachers guaranteed.

If you already have experience teaching Spanish to international students you are probably thinking about how to continue developing as a Spanish teacher and improving your classes so that your students are more seduced by the idea of studying Spanish. With these teachers in mind, LatinoSchools organizes seminars for Spanish teachers interested in taking the teaching of Spanish a step further. Check our Spanish courses at LatinoSchools.

Like any living language, the Spanish language has many peculiarities that it is convenient to study separately. For example, the large community of Spanish speakers around the world brings cultural, grammatical, phonetic or literary variations to Spanish, to name but a few.

Therefore, the seminars for Spanish teachers that we give in our schools in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia (Quito, Cuzco or Sucre, which is your ideal city to learn Spanish?) revolve around different topics such as cultural differences, Spanish and Latin American literature and Spanish grammar, conversation in Spanish and the construction of texts and phrases in Spanish. if you want to know more about the varieties in Spanish, check “Spanish: the same language, multiple accents“.

Learning other ways to teach Spanish

During the two weeks of our seminars on teaching methodology for teaching Spanish, you will come into contact with other Spanish teachers from different parts of the world, in groups with a maximum of 12 students.

This cultural diversity makes the exchange of opinions and personal experiences even more enriching than in other seminars where there is not as much variety of nationalities.

Regarding the number of hours of class, the program includes 40 hours of seminar each week. In addition, each student is asked to do a quarterly paper and attend an individual seminar with the program director.

In addition to the theoretical part, there is also a language laboratory, where you will carry out a conversation exchange in Spanish with a native Spanish speaker and analyze publications in Spanish.

Real materials for your Spanish classes

In these seminars specifically designed for Spanish teachers for international students, we provide you with all the necessary materials so that you can put into practice what you have learned with us as soon as you return to your Spanish classes with your students.

That is why we provide you with real resources that you can use to develop your own lesson plans, regardless of the country in which you work as a Spanish teacher. We are convinced that these materials will help you to motivate your students and give fresh air to your Spanish classes.

Another advantage of our seminars for Spanish teachers is that you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your stay in Latin America.

The price of the course includes classes at the LatinoSchools as well as complementary activities, transportation and entrance fees to the places where those activities will take place, and accommodation in a host family, entitled to two meals a day.

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Our seminars have everything you need to reach your full potential as a Spanish teacher while discovering Latin America.