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Ever thought about studying Spanish while making a difference and helping other people? You can do it now at Latino Schools. Along with our Spanish courses, you have the opportunity to do an internship or enroll into a volunteering project in one of the many beautiful national parks or reserves, social service organizations, women’s or senior citizen’s organizations, NGOs, educational institutions, health care projects and more. Want to know more? Keep reading! Spanish is the second most spoken language worldwide by native speakers. The amount of people who have “to learn Spanish” in their bucket list never ceases to increase. Spanish is the primary language in 20 countries in three different continents (Latin America, Europe, and Africa) and is spoken by between 470 and 500 million people. In our post “5 reasons why Spanish is the language of the future” and “Top reasons to learn Spanish in Latin America” we already discussed all the benefits that learning Spanish has for your academic, professional and personal life. Being such an outgrowing and important language in the labor market, companies value more and more candidates who have Spanish in their CV, so definitely learning Spanish is a must if you want to increase your job opportunities. When it comes to your personal life, in a globalized world like ours we are all interconnected and increasingly aware of all the potential language and culture have. Learning a language is learning culture and another way of looking at the world. Learning Spanish, then, will expand your perspective, enrich your knowledge, and is the key to open the door to many new exciting experiences which will take you out from your comfort zone and make you live unforgettable moments. Reasons to learn Spanish in Latin America Other way to step out of your comfort zone and make new experiences is by enrolling into an internship or a volunteering program. Check our post “Volunteer in South America: Learn, Live and Love”. In a world that values money over anything, doing things that come from the heart is priceless. As the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano beautifully said:”Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world”. And is true, like little ants, if we all come to work together, we can make changes in our environment and affect the lives of those around us.

Volunteer in South America

Even though is important that we work locally in the town or city we live in, going abroad to do so is also a magnificent idea. Not only you will be helping other people and making an impact on the world, but also making an impact on yourself. Volunteer in South America Sometimes in our daily busy lives while we are running to take the metro or bus or feeling desperate waiting at the doctor’s office, we tend to think that there is nothing else beyond our circumstances. We may think that our way of living, customs and problems are the only existing ones. But then you travel, you live and see other situations and your mind changes forever. The person who goes abroad to do a volunteering program never comes back the same. You will come back seeing your reality with new eyes and a much more broaden appreciation of the small (and yet so important) things. Not to mention that by doing a volunteering program, you will learn and immerse fully in the local life and culture. You will discover Latin America and its peoples to its roots. And you will do it so by trying new things every day, meeting new people, and engaging in exciting and life-changing activities.

There are many types of programs you can participate in:

Youth Outreach and Educational Projects:

As Malala (winner of the Nobel Peace Prize) stated: “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution”. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. So if you are into education, and want to play your part and see kids learning and growing, a youth and educational project will be your thing. From daycare centers, elementary schools, technological institutes, nursery homes, disabilities centers…they are many places you can help!

Health Programs:

There is nothing more important than health. There is nothing you can achieve, nothing you can do if you are unhealthy. That is why doctors, nurses, health professionals in general, shall be highly valued in our societies. From children hospitals, rehabilitation centers, adoption centers, elderly centers, rehabilitation with animals…there are many health programs you can volunteer in and make a beautiful impact on the world.

Cultural Programs:

Art is the history behind us and the legacy we leave for future societies. Art tells us where we come from, where we are and where we are going to. If you are an art lover and you would like to spread Latin America’s art and history, take a look at our volunteering programs in art galleries and centers.

Cultural Programs with Indigenous Peoples:

Indigenous communities are a major pillar of the multi-diverse societies in Latin America. These communities help us to better understand the world and to realize the importance of protecting, respecting and learning from their ancient and culturally rich traditions. Check our volunteering programs in several indigenous communities and learn from them!

Ecological Programs:

There is nothing better we can do for our world than preserving our environment and nature. What we do with our Earth of today is what we will leave for our future generations, and leaving with us a well-conserved nature is the best gift we will ever be able to give them. For nature lovers, help in rain forests, help rescued animals or volunteer in shelter homes for abandoned animals, or in the Galapagos Islands!

Professional Programs:

For professionals, there is nothing better to improve your CV, academic skills and personal knowledge than taking an internship abroad. Whether in marketing, radio, health offices we have a place for you!