Top reasons to learn Spanish in Latin America

Why learn Spanish in Latin America

Spanish is an absolutely beautiful language – flowing and languid, a pleasure to the ears. This alone should be a good reason for everyone to choose to learn Spanish, but let’s be practical here for a few minutes. Yes, Spanish is a gorgeous language, but there are many other languages in the world that are beautiful, as well. Why should we choose Spanish to be our second language (or, third language)?

Each of us has our own reasons to learn Spanish in Latin America. Any of these match yours?

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers.

More than 400 million people speak Spanish around the world, the highest number of native speakers after the Chinese-speaking population. English, which is a language spoken by people all over the world as a second language, is the native language of approximately 360 million people. Not just that, Spanish also happens to be, right after English and French, the third most studied language in the world.

Although English is most the common second language of the world – and also the most important one when it comes to commercial usage – Spanish has been chosen as the second language of millions of non-Spanish speakers around the world. A lot of people know or are interested in learning Spanish as a second language.

In the USA alone, 41 million people are native Spanish speakers.

After Mexico, Colombia, Spain and argentina, the United States is the third largest country in the world in terms of native Spanish-speaking population. This number is assumed to double by the year 2050, surpassing Spain.

By the way, there will be more Spanish speakers living in USA than in Spain in a few years!

Spanish is gradually becoming a global language, much widely spoken and much more popular than French or any other foreign language, beside English. This is one of the main reasons people all over the world are showing interest in learning this language properly.

There are some other reasons why Spanish language is becoming so popular.

Spanish is a beautiful language, as mentioned before. It is lyrical, musical and melodious. This language is also relatively simple, with a number of words similar to English. Pronouncing the words are not very hard, and the different accents are easy to pick up as well.

Moreover, Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries of the world, including Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain, Venezuela, Paraguay and Peru. If you consider yourself a true traveler and not just someone who follows the trend, most of these countries should be on your bucket list. When you are traveling to these exotic countries to meet new people and learn new customs, what can be better than doing so in their own language?

In many countries, Spanish as a second language is being considered a bonus feature in job recruitments and professional fields.

Because of the sudden increase in Spanish-speaking natives, employers and hiring managers are looking for people who can speak Spanish fluently. In some particular field of expertise where the employees will need to communicate with native Spanish-speakers, candidates with a thorough knowledge of this language is highly valued, i.e. government jobs, banking, public relations or social welfare.

Why the sudden prominence of Spanish?

The answer is quite simple, actually. Since English is the second language all around the world by total number of speakers, many people can already speak in this language. It includes both the population whose native language is English and the population who speak English as a second language that can converse with each other comfortably. On the other hand, Spanish, which already has a large number of native speakers and is gradually gaining importance, becomes a logical choice when choosing the next language we want to learn.

Except for the native Spanish-speakers, who are either weak in English or more comfortable speaking in their own language. Very often, the only way to communicate with them is through Spanish, as they can’t or refuse to communicate in English.

In the United States, there are a large number of well paid jobs belong to native Spanish speakers. Knowledge of this language is therefore highly valued in the job force. In some localities, doctors, lawyers and law enforcement officers are learning Spanish to better communicate with their patients and clients. Moreover, native speakers of Spanish are also very valuable as part of these workforces.

Just knowing the words is not enough.

If you truly want to converse in Spanish, you need to learn everything about it – the accent, the tones, the phrases, the speed. Just like learning Italian without the hand gestures isn’t enough, learning Spanish shouldn’t just be limited to learning the words. The best place to learn Spanish, therefore, is from a country where it is a native language.

In a number of countries in Europe people speak Spanish widely, including Portugal, France, Netherlands, Italy and of course, Spain. Although it is possible to study Spanish in European countries, it is also more expensive, so many people choose to study Spanish in Latin America. Besides, in Europe Spanish is the native language only in Spain; only a handful of the population in the other European countries speak this language fluently.

On the other hand, studying and learning Spanish in the Latin American countries make sense. Living expenses in countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador are low, and you can easily spend around 6 months here mastering this language. Our Spanish courses, start at $350 per week, with accommodation and registration included!

Is there something else than language learning on your agenda?

A lot of volunteer programs abroad are available in the Latin American countries. Whether you want to learn the local customs or work with children and young mothers, there are a number of programs running all year long that last from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. This is the perfect way to learn about the people around you, by helping with special needs children, the elderly, adoption centers, children’s divisions in hospitals or children needing speech therapy.

In the Latin American countries, you are getting much more than language courses and experiences.

Spanish is the future of languages, and mastering this language is definitely going to be a big help.

The landscapes here are majestuous, with plenty of International and World Heritage Sites to visit. The Andes mountains, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Rainforest – these are all top priority sites to visit for any traveler interested in Latin America. Most of the countries are a wonderful mixture of different races, each with their own culture and customs, combined together to create something exotic.

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The people in these countries are of an adventurous nature, young at heart and ready for anything. Investment opportunities are ample here, with the economy booming in many countries. Learning Spanish would be beneficial both for returning with knowledge of a new language or starting something in your country or in Latin America. Discover our Spanish schools and why we can give you an unforgettable experience.