Rehusar y Reusar
(Refuse and Reuse)

Spanish learning pill "Reusar & Rehusar"


Es sinónimo de rechazar y significa no aceptar hacer algo. 

Ej.: Me fue muy difícil rehusar su oferta. 


Volver a usar algo que ya se usó. 

Ej.: Voy a reusar estas botellas plásticas convirtiéndolas en macetas de flores. 


It is synonymous with rejecting and it means not accepting to do something.

Ex.: It was very difficult for me to refuse his offer.


To use something that has already been used.

Ex.: I’m going to reuse these plastic bottles by turning them into flower pots.

Today we propose a new Spanish pill with two other words that, when they sound the same way, can lead to confusion. These are “Rehusar” and “Reusar”, which you will learn to use without problems with this grammar pill.

Once again, our friend the hache (“H”), that letter of the Latin alphabet that is never pronounced but sometimes necessary, comes into play. In the case, “Rehusar” and “Reusar”, missing the “H” completely changes the meaning of the word, from willing to do something to new life to something we have used before.

Here are some sample phrases that you can use as a guide to learn when and how to use the verbs “Rehusar” or “Reusar”. Note it down!

María rehusó cortésmente la invitación a la fiesta. 

Mary refused politely the invitation to the party.

Una buena costumbre es reusar las bolsas del mercado. 

It’s a good habit to reuse market bags.

El Presidente rehusó contestar las preguntas de los periodistas. 

The President refused to answer the journalists’ questions.

Algunos expertos no aconsejan reusar las botellas plásticas para beber agua. 

Some experts do not recommend reusing plastic bottles for drinking water.

Miguel rehusó realizar el servicio militar por motivos de conciencia. 

Miguel refused to do the military service for reasons of conscience.

Reducir, reciclar y reusar, la regla de las tres erres para cuidar el medio ambiente. 

Reduce, recycle and reuse, the three R’s rule to protect the environment.