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The Spanish language has many secrets to discover and, like any foreign language, the best way to learn it is to practice it. Although we all know that sometimes it is hard to be constant on that long road.

In order not to lose the willingness to continue learning Spanish and to become fluent in the language of Cervantes, we have selected for you different Spanish online resources with which you will learn Spanish quickly and from home, taking complete control of your time.

You will be the one to decide which area you need to strengthen and which type of teaching resource is best suited to your way of learning or your level of Spanish and how many hours you want to devote to it.

Because, as in any other learning process, success depends on our effort, the time we spend learning and the resources we choose.

Learning a language is also like practicing a sport: long days of training throughout the course are useless if you don’t even go to the gym in the summer. Because stopping activity (both physical and mental) for a long period of time causes a setback in our performance (both sports and academic).

If you are at that point where you already have the motivation, you’ll in the new technologies your best ally to learn Spanish. The main challenge is to find out what you want to achieve, to detect your level of Spanish and to find the Spanish online resources that best suit your way of learning.

The tools that you will find on our website, which are completely free of charge, will help you to find the necessary motivation for learning Spanish to go from doing something boring to an exciting adventure and that, almost without realizing it, you will be able to understand and make yourself understood among Spanish speakers.

Whether you want to improve your level of spoken or written Spanish, expand your vocabulary, learn tricks about the real uses of Spanish or have notions of ordering something in Spanish in a restaurant or communicate with the hotel staff on your trip to Latin America, we have different useful materials to help you achieve that goal you have when learning Spanish.

Let’s start practicing Spanish!

Spanish Lessons

Don’t know where to start with Spanish? This free online course is the best way to introduce yourself to learning the Spanish language. Interactive Spanish exercises that you can follow comfortably from your home country.

Spanish learning pills

Spanish has some expressions that, although apparently sound the same, refer to different things. In these Spanish pills we clarify some of these confusing terms so you can learn to use each one at the right time.

Spanish Vocabulary

While some Spanish words are known in all Spanish-speaking countries, others are specific to a region or colloquial expressions or neologisms. This vocabulary will help you learn new words.

Survival Guides

Because travel is not the same as shopping, going out for a drink, making friends, closing a business or asking for directions on the street, these survival Spanish conversation guides collect examples of real conversations in different contexts.