Free online Spanish lessons

Would you like to learn Spanish in a self-taught way and don’t know where to start?

At LatinoSchools, in addition to offering online and immersion Spanish courses, we also offer these free online Spanish lessons. A little tool to help you to take your first steps in the Spanish language on your own and which are designed to help you to discover the Spanish language in a progressive and enjoyable way, at your own pace. Study as much time as you want and connect from anywhere: your home, university, work…

Online Spanish lessons that are the perfect complement to our “Spanish Pills”. With them, you will be able to go deeper into Spanish and learn, little by little, both basic concepts of Spanish that you did not know and perfect everything you already know about the Spanish language.

Each of these Spanish lessons includes basic aspects of Spanish grammar (from a practical perspective) and specially selected vocabulary so that you can communicate fluently in Spanish with Spanish speakers, both in writing and orally. You will find examples of phraseswords and conversations in real contexts, some colloquial and others formal, in which you may need to speak in Spanish, from a pleasure trip to a business meeting, a job interview or enjoy a language stay or internship in a Latin American country such as Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia.

Thanks to the Spanish lessons of LatinoSchools you will be able to learn practical things you need to communicate in Spanish, such as introducing yourself, describing objects, people or places, asking questions, clarifying doubts about verbs or expanding your vocabulary with words that Spanish speakers use regularly and for different uses, among many other learnings about the language.

Do you dare to practice in Spanish with us and our online resources?