Spanish survival guides 

Spanish is a language that has a complex grammar and an extensive vocabulary. That’s one of the reasons why, among our online resources, in addition to Spanish lessons, Spanish pills and Spanish vocabulary, we offer you these little survival guides in Spanish with real-life examples that will make your visit to Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia easier.

Whether you have decided to study one of our many online or in-person Spanish courses, want to spend a sabbatical year in Latin America, or want to volunteer in a project where it is necessary to use Spanish, these Spanish Survival Guides will become your best everyday ally.

The guides cover common travel issues (transportation, accommodation, restaurants, shopping, etc.) and other everyday life matters that may arise during your stay and for which you need to speak Spanish.

At Latino Schools we have selected sample phrases and vocabulary so that you can communicate effectively in Spanish even if you have not previously had contact with the Spanish language.

Our Spanish Survival Guides are designed so that everyone who travels to Latin America is able to speak and understand some basic expressions in Spanish without having to learn them by heart. Even those who speak no Spanish at all.

Whether your goal is to travel Latin America or go shopping, going out for a drink and making friends, closing a business or ask for directions on the street in Spanish, in our Spanish survival guides you will find examples of real conversations in different contexts to help you.

The goal is that you can easily check them on our website as many times as you need and that serve as motivation to practice your Spanish. In addition, they are also a good way to learn some Spanish before your trip so that the adaptation is much more bearable.