Survival guides in Spanish: going out

Hello there friends! We have a new Spanish Survival Guide today, don’t forget to check our previous one: public transport. Something that will be extremely useful when in Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia, is to know how to express yourself when going out. Whether when going out for dinner, going to the theater, to the disco or to some bar to have a drink, there are some words and phrases you’ll need to master to properly communicate.

Going out is always something exciting, even more when in a foreign country. Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru offer an extraordinary range of leisure opportunities. Since learning Spanish in an immersion course is not only about studying the language but living it, you’ll have to practice Spanish daily with locals. What could be funnier than learning Spanish while going out and enjoying your spare time?


Survival guides in Spanish: going out


Places to go

Museum – Museo

Theater – Teatro

Cinema – Cine

Circus – Circo

Art Gallery – Galería de arte

Disco – Discoteca

Bar – Bar

Cafè – Cafetería

Concert hall – Sala de conciertos

Exhibition center – Recinto ferial

Restaurant – Restaurante

Stadium – Estadio


What do we do in these places?

+ We go to the museum or the art gallery to see an exhibition
– Vamos al museo o a la galería de arte a ver una exposición

+ We go to the theater to watch theater plays
– Vamos al teatro a ver una obra de teatro

+ We go to the cinema to watch a movie
– Vamos al cine a ver una película

+ We go to the circus to watch a circus show
– Vamos al circo a ver un espectáculo circense

+ We go to the disco to dance and have fun
– Vamos a la discoteca a bailar y pasarlo bien

+ We go to the bar to have a drink
– Vamos al bar a beber algo

+ We go to the cafè to drink a coffee
– Vamos a la cafetería a tomar un café

+ We go to the concert hall to enjoy a concert

– Vamos a la sala de conciertos a disfrutar un concierto

+ We go to the stadium to watch a match or a show
– Vamos al estadio a ver un partido o un espectáculo


When you feel like going out

+ Do you feel like eating out?
¿Te apetece comer fuera?

+ What do you think of that restaurant over there?
¿Qué te parece ese restaurante de allá?

+ There is a new movie starring Orlando Bloom. Do you feel like watching it?
Han sacado una nueva película protagonizada por Orlando Bloom. ¿Te apetece ir a verla?

+ Why don’t we go to the disco tonight?
¿Por qué no vamos a la discoteca esta noche?

+ Let’s go and see the new art exhibition at the museum!
¡Vamos a ver la nueva exposición de arte en el museo!

+ What if we go to the theater tomorrow?
¿Te apetece ir al teatro mañana?


Buying tickets

+ I’d like three tickets for the Brad Pitt movie
Quiero tres boletos/tickets para la película de Brad Pitt

+ Can I get a ticket for the movie premiere?
Quiero un boleto/ticket para el estreno de la película

+ Are there any seats left for the 11 am event?
¿Quedan asientos para el evento de las 11 de la mañana?


Ordering refreshments

+ I’d like two soft drinks and a sandwich. Do you have popcorn as well?
Quiero dos refrescos y un sandwich. ¿Tenéis palomitas también?

+ I’d like the large one. How much is it?
Quiero las palomitas grandes. ¿Cuánto es?

+ Thank you so much. Bye!
Muchas gracias. ¡Adiós!


Eating out

+ We would like two set lunch menus and a bottle of water, please
Queremos dos menús del día y una botella de agua, por favor

+ Could we have the bill, please?
¿Puede traernos la cuenta, por favor?


Staying in

+ I’d rather stay in tonight
Prefiero quedarme en casa esta noche

+ No, thank you. I have other plans today
No, gracias. Tengo otros planes hoy

+ No, thank you. I can’t come this weekend. But we can meet up next week
No, gracias. No puedo este fin de semana. Pero podemos quedar la semana que viene

+ I’m going to stay at home and relax
Me voy a quedar en casa a descansar


Hope you have learned a lot with us today, see you soon! 🙂