Spanish vocabulary: Airports

One of the most common means of transport used by international travelers is air travel, which allows them to travel long distances and reach almost all parts of the world. If you are going to take one of our Spanish courses in Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia or just visit Latin America, the airport will surely be your first contact with the country.

Being familiar with the most common Spanish words used in airplanes and airports can help you to pass through customs or immigration controls easier and you will know how to get around Latin American airports without any problems.

As a complement to our Spanish survival guide: at the Airport, here you’ll find a small selection of Spanish vocabulary related to airplanes and airports. We are sure will be very useful during your visit to Quito, Sucre, and Cusco and in your travels, in Latin America and other territories of the world where speaks Spanish.

Vocabulary: Airports

English Español
airport aeropuerto
actual time of arrival (ATA) hora real de llegada
actual time of departure (ATD) hora real de salida
air traffic control control de tránsito aéreo
aircraft aeronave
airline aerolínea
airline counter mostrador de la aerolínea
airplane avión
airplane hold bodega de un avión
airport charges tasas aeroportuarias
aisle pasillo
aisle seat asiento de pasillo
arrivals llegadas
bag bolsa
baggage equipaje
baggage cart carrito de equipaje
baggage claim area reclamo de equipaje
baggage claim ticket boleto de reclamo de equipaje
baggage limitation límite de equipaje
boarding embarcando
board abordaje
boarding gate puerta de embarque
boarding pass pase de embarque
canceled flight vuelo cancelado
carry-on bag maletín
carry-on luggage equipaje de mano
claims reclamos
cockpit cabina del piloto
complaints book libro de reclamos
connecting flight vuelo de enlace
control tower torre de control
conveyor belt faja de equipajes
copilot copiloto
crew tripulación
customs office aduana
customs official funcionario de aduanas
delayed flight vuelo con demora
departures salidas
destination destino
direct flight/ non-stop flight vuelo directo
domestic flight vuelo doméstico / vuelo nacional
duty free libre de impuestos
emergency exit salida de emergencia
emergency landing aterrizaje de emergencia
excess baggage exceso de equipaje
excess baggage charge recargo por exceso de equipaje
exchange house casa de cambio
final destination destino final
flight vuelo
flight attendant azafata / aeromoza
flight number número de vuelo
forbidden luggage equipaje prohibido
handbag bolso
hold luggage equipaje facturado
immigration official funcionario de inmigración
international flight vuelo internacional
jet bridge puente de mando
landing aterrizaje
disembarkation desembarque
life vest chaleco salvavidas
luggage compartment compartimiento para equipaje
luggage trolley portaequipajes
luggage storage guarda equipajes
meal tray bandeja de comida
metal detector arco detector de metales
non-smoking prohibido fumar
on schedule flight vuelo en hora
one-way trip viaje de ida
parking aparcamiento
passengers lounge sala/salón de espera
passport pasaporte
pilot piloto
police policía
registered luggage equipaje despachado
restroom aseo
round trip viaje de ida y vuelta
runway pista de aterrizaje
seat asiento
seat belt cinturón de seguridad
security control guardia de seguridad
security guard guardia de seguridad
shops tiendas
shuttle bus autobús de traslado
stopover escala
suitcase maleta
tail cola
take-off despegue
terminal building terminal del aeropuerto
ticket boleto /pasaje
time of arrival hora de llegada
time of departure hora de salida
timetable horarios
to fasten the seatbelt abocharse el cinturón de seguridad
to frisk cachear
to put out the cigarette apagar el cigarrillo
tourist turista
tray bandeja
trolley carrito
VIP lounge sala de espera VIP
visa visado / visa
weight peso
window ventanilla
window seat asiento de ventanilla
wing ala
X-ray machine máquina de rayos X
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