Spanish vocabulary: Banks and Money

Hello there! Welcome to our new section of Spanish vocabulary: banks and money. In our Survival Guide: Banks and money, we talked about how important it is to have some economic knowledge about the countries we visit. The currencies they use, how to change money, how to open a bank account, how to buy in a shop, how to pay your bills…

We are sure that by now you have a broader idea of all these matters and you will be perfectly able to engage into any task related to banks and money when you are in Quito, Sucre or Cuzco. As a complement of what we have already learned, we present you now this very useful vocabulary list!

Enjoy and learn with us!

Vocabulary: Banks and Money






Plata (Pe, Bo, Ec) / Dinero (Es)


Cajero automático


Cheque / Talón





Card Reader



Caja fuerte





Credit Cart

Tarjeta(s) de crédito/débito




Español English
ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Cajero automático
Bank Banco
Bank account Cuenta bancaria
Bank balance Saldo de cuenta
Bank charges Gastos bancarios o comisión
Bank check Cheque , talón
Bill Billete
Bill (like in a restaurant) La cuenta
Bill (like your house bills) Factura
Branch Sucursal bancaria
Cash Plata /dinero efectivo
Client/customer Cliente
Coin Moneda
Credit card Tarjeta de crédito
Credit card terminal Datáfono
Current account Cuenta corriente
Debit Débito
Debit card Tarjeta de débito
Debt Deuda
Digital signature Firma digital
Exchange rate Tasa de cambio
Expense Gasto
Failed transaction Operación fallida
Financial advisor Asesor financiero
Funds Fondos
ID card Documento /carné de identidad
Income Ingreso
Insufficient funds Insufficient funds
Interest rate Tasa de interés
Investment Inversión
Key Clave /contraseña
Loan Préstamo
Manager Director
Money Plata /Dinero
Money order Giro postal /bancario
Mortgage Hipoteca
Offline Fuera de línea
Online En línea
Passport Pasaporte
Pay rise Aumento de salario
Payment Pago
Piggy bank Hucha
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Pin (número de identificación personal)
Rate Cuota /tarifa
Safe box Caja fuerte
Salary Salario
Sales tax IVA
Savings Ahorros
Savings account Cuenta de ahorro
Signature Firma
Standing order Orden bancaria
Stockholder Accionista
Tax(es) Impuesto(s)
Teller Cajero (persona)
Wallet Cartera /billetera
Wire transfer Transferencia bancaria electrónica
Withdrawal Retirar /sacar plata /dinero




English Español
To afford Permitirse
To borrow Pedir prestado
To buy Comprar
To charge Cobar
To cost Costar
To deposit Ingresar
To earn Ganar
To give away Regalar
To inherit Heredar
To invest Invertir
To lend Prestar
To lose Perder
To pay Pagar
To save Ahorrar
To sell Vender
To sign Firmar
To spend Gastar
To wast Malgastar
To win Ganar
To withdraw Retirar /sacar plata /dinero