Spanish vocabulary: food

Hello there! Welcome once again to our Spanish vocabulary section. Today we’ll be learning something most humans are passionate about: food. We will see some of the most typical dishes in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. And we will also learn how to name the most common and general ingredients and foods.

Get your stomach ready and prepare yourself to be hungry! And don’t forget to check our previous Spanish vocabulary lesson: clothing.

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Empanadas salteñas Bolivia

Image credits: [Gonzalo Rivero], from Wikimedia Commons, under license Creative Commons Atrribution-Share Alike 4.0


La salteña (Bolivia)


Baked and savory pastries filled with meat and containing potatoes, raisins, and olives.
Anticucho, Bolivia

Image credits: [Dtarazona], from Wikipedia, under license CC BY-SA 4.0


Anticucho (Bolivia)


Skewered on stick meat, seasoned with red hot pepper sauce.
Silpancho Bolivia

Image credits: [Locotex], from Wikipedia, under license Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.


Silpancho (Bolivia)


Typical Bolivian dish consisting of a base layer of rice and a steak covered by fried eggs.
Sajta pollo Bolivia

Image credits: [Caleidoscopic], from WIkipedia, under license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.


Sajta de pollo (Bolivia)


Spicy chicken stew


Cuy Ecuador

Image credits: [Jtesla16], from Wikipedia, under license CC BY-SA 3.0.


Cuy asado (Ecuador)


Small rodent (cuy) fried and served with boiled potatoes, corn and seasoned with savory sauces.


Encocado Ecuador

Image credits: [Paulakindsvater], from Wikimedia Commons, under license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.


Encocado (Ecuador)


Seafood seasoned with citrus and spices. The sauce is mainly made with coconut milk.


Arroz Menestra Ecuador

Image credits: [Joshoran], from Wikimedia Commons, under license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.


Arroz con menestra (Ecuador)


Stew made of lentils cooked with onions, pepper, tomato, garlic, cumin, and coriander. The stew is served with meat, rice, fried bananas, and avocado.


Encebollado, Ecuador

Image credits: Image credit: from Wikimedia Commons, by, under license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.


Encebollado (Ecuador)


Typical Ecuadorian dish made with fish, cassava and pickled red onions.



Ceviche Peru

Image credits: [Dtarazona], from Wikimedia Commons.


Ceviche (Peru)


Peruvian dish made with fresh raw fish, seasoned with spices and cured with lemon or lime.


Papas rellenas Perú

Image credit: Miguel Alan Córdova Silva, Wikimedia Commons, under license CC-BY-SA 4.0.


Papas rellenas (Peru)


Boiled potatoes filled with minced beef, raisins, black olives and chopped hard-boiled eggs.


Papa a la Huancaina

Image credit: [AgainErick], from Wikipedia, under license Creative Commons 3.0


Papa a la Huancaina (Peru)


Potatoes covered by a cream made with cheese, milk and yellow peppers.


Lomo Saltado Peru

Image credits: [WikiHes], from Wikipedia, under license Creative Commons 4.0


Lomo saltado (Peru)


Beef tenderloin served with rice, fried potatoes, paprika, tomatoes, and onions.



English Spanish
Almond Almendra
Anis Anís
Apple Manzana
Avocado Aguacate
Baked potatoes Patatas al horno
Banana Plátano
Barley Cebada
Bay Laurel
Beans Frijoles
Beer Cerveza
Blackberry Mora
Bread Pan
Butter Mantequilla
Cabbage Repollo
Carrot Zanahoria
Cashew Anacardo
Cassava Yuca
Cheese Queso
Chicken Pollo
Chickpeas Garbanzos
Chimichurri Chimichurri
Cinnamon Canela
Clove Clavo
Coconut Coco
Cod Bacalao
Coffee Café
Coriander Cilantro
Corn Maíz
Crab Cangrejo
Cream Nata/Crema
Cucumber Pepino
Egg Huevo
Fish Pescado
Flour Harina
French Fries Patatas fritas
Fruit Fruta
Ginger Jengibre
Grape Uva
Grapefruit Pomelo
Guacamole Guacamole
Guava Guayaba
Hake Merluza
Juice Zumo
Lamb Cordero
Lemon Limón
Lemonade Limonada
Lentils Lentejas
Lettuce Lechuga
Lime Lima
Mango Mango
Mashed potatoes Puré de patatas
Meat Carne
Milk Leche
Mushroom Champiñón
Noodles Fideos
Oil Aceite
Onion Cebolla
Orange Naranja
Papaya Papaya
Parsley Perejil
Pasta Pasta
Peach Melocotón
Pear Pera
Pebre Pebre
Pimiento Pepper
Pineapple Piña
Plum Ciruela
Pork Cerdo
Potatoes Patatas
Poultry Carne de ave
Prawns Gambas
Pumpkin Calabaza
Raspberry Frambuesa
Red wine Vino tinto
Rice Arroz
Salmon Salmón
Salt Sal
Sardine Sardina
Sauce Salsa
Seafood Marisco
Soda Refrescos
Sparkling water Agua con gas
Spinach Espinacas
Squid Calamar
Stew Estofado
Still water Agua sin gas
Strawberry Fresa
Sugar Azúcar
Sugar cane Caña de azúcar
Thyme Tomillo
Tuna Atún
Turkey Pavo
Veal Ternera
Vinegar Vinagre
Water Agua
Watermelon Sandía
Wheat Trigo
White wine Vino blanco
Yogurt Yogur



English Spanish
Breakfast Desayuno
Lunch Comida
Afternoon snack Merienda
Dinner Cena


Describing how food tastes like

English Spanish
Bitter Amargo
Boiled Hervido
Fruity Afrutado
Grilled A la brasa
Rare Casi crudo
Raw Crudo
Salty Salado
Sour Agrio
Spicy Picante
Steamed Al vapor
Sugar-free Sin azúcar
Sweet Dulce
Tasteless Sin sabor
Tasty Sabroso



English Spanish
To bake Hornear, asar
To boil Hervir
To clean Limpiar
To cook Cocinar
To eat Comer
To fry Freír
To grill Asar a la parrilla
To heat Calentar
To measure Medir
To mix Mezclar
To peel Pelar
To season Sazonar, aderezar
To serve Servir
To steam Cocinar al vapor



English Spanish
Allergy Alergia
Dairy products Productos lácteos
Gluten-free Sin gluten
Low fat Bajo en grasas
Nutrition label Etiqueta de información nutricional
Vegan Vegano
Vegetarian Vegetariano


We hope you have enjoyed this Spanish Vocabulary about food! Check our Spanish Vocabulary: kitchen tools and furniture, to delve deeper into the food world!

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