Spanish vocabulary: places

Now that you know how to use the verbs ‘ser’, ‘estar’ and ‘tener’ to talk about your country, your city or your place of residence here is some extra vocabulary about places. Words that will help you to converse and discuss cities, towns, and landscape.

Vocabulary: cities, villages and landscape

Español English
acera sidewalk
aldea village
aldeano villager
ambiente environment, atmosphere
arbolado wooded area, stand of trees
arena sand
árido arid
arroyo brook, stream
atrasado backward
atravesar to cross
austral southern
bordear to skirt, to go on the edge of
calidez warmth
cálido-a warm (climate and personality)
callejón small street
caminata hike, outing
carretera highway
casco centre (of a city)
clima climate
colina hill
comarca district, region
cordillera mountain range
corretear to run this way and that
cruzar to stand out
cuenca basin, mining area
cuesta slope
desarrollada developed
descolgarse to let oneself down, to descend
duna dune
embarcar to board
empinado-a steep
en obras in/under construction
encrucijada cross roads, intersection
entorno surroundings, environment
estanque pond
estrecho /ancho narrow/wide
fachada facade, front of a building
faldas foothills, lower mountain slopes
huerta vegetable garden
isla island
límites borders, far reaches
llamativo striking
llanura plain
lujosa luxurious
mezquita mosque
mirador watch tower
molino windmill
monasterio monastery
montaña mountain
muro / muralla exterior wall (different from “pared”, which means interior wall)
norteña-o northern
occidental western
ola wave
oriental eastern
orilla bank of a river
paisaje landscape, scenery
parada train stop, bus stop
paraje place, spot
paseo ride, walk
patio patio, yard
patrimonio heritage
periferias outskirts, surrounding areas
pico peak
prado meadow
puente bridge
recorrer to cover (a distance) to trav
recorrido route, trip, tour
recoveco turn, bend
rodear through, around, to surround,
rural rural
señal road sign
serpentear to snake, to wind
sinuoso winding
soportales arcades, colonnades
surcado grooved, furrowed
sureño-a southern
temporada season
tramo section, part of a route
trayecto route, tour, trip
ubicado located, positioned
urbano urban
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