Spanish vocabulary:
Computer parts (hardware) and the Internet

Hello there! Welcome once again to our Spanish Vocabulary section. Today we will be learning about something so present in our lives: the Internet!

For many people, especially youngsters, it would be almost impossible to imagine a life without the net. Truth is (spoiler) there is a life without the Internet!

The Internet has brought many advantages to our modern world. It provides immediate access to massive amounts of information daily and anywhere around the globe. The quality information available contributes to more conscious, self-aware and interconnected societies. But users need to be aware to use it in moderation and responsibility. When used inappropriately, the Internet can also be a source of misleading information.

What is undeniable is that the Internet age arrived a long time ago and it is here to stay. Keep reading and learn Spanish vocabulary about computer parts (hardware) and the Internet with us! And don’t forget to check our previous Spanish vocabulary lesson: food.

Let’s begin, enjoy and learn Spanish with us!☺️



Ordenador / Computadora




Ratón / Mouse





Ordenador portátil




Altavoces / Parlantes


Cascos / Auriculares



Webcam / Cámara en vivo




Pen drive / Memoria USB


Placa base / Placa madre


Computer parts (hardware)

English Spanish
Cable Cable
Card reader Lector de tarjetas
CD-ROM drive Unidad de CD-ROM
CPU / Microprocessor Microprocesador
Computer case Chasis de computadora
Chip Circuito integrado
Device Dispositivo
Flash drive Unidad flash
Graphics card Tarjeta gráfica
Hard drive Disco duro
Joystick Palanca de mando
Key Tecla
Memory Memoria
Modem Módem
Mouse button Botón del ratón
Mouse pad Alfombrilla del ratón
Router Rúter / Enrutador
Smart card Tarjeta inteligente / Tarjeta criptográfica
Tablet Tablet
USB drive Unidad USB
Virtual reality headset Casco de realidad virtual


The Internet

English Spanish
Antivirus Antivirus
Application server Servidor de aplicaciones
Attachment Archivo adjunto
Blog Blog
Browser Navegador / Explorador web
Byte Byte
Cookie Cookie
Credit card Tarjeta de crédito
Cyberspace Ciberespacio
Database Base de datos
Digital signature Firma digital
Document Documento
Domain name Nombre de dominio
Email Correo electrónico
Email address Dirección de correo electrónico
Encrypted mail Correo cifrado
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Preguntas más frecuentes
File Archivo
File transfer Transferencia de ficheros
Firewall Cortafuegos
Folder Carpeta
Form Formulario
Guestbook Libro de visitas
Hardware Hardware
Homepage Página principal
Inbox Bandeja de entrada
Keyword Palabra clave
Link Enlace
Login Inicio de sesión
Network Red
Password Contraseña
Processor speed Velocidad del procesador
Public domain Dominio público
Search engine Buscador
Server Servidor
Shopping cart Carro de la compra
Software Programa
Space bar Barra espaciadora
Spam Correo no deseado
Spreadsheet Hoja de cálculo
Template Plantilla
Toolbar Barra de herramientas
Upload Cargar / Subir (ex: a picture)
User name Nombre de usuario
Virus Virus
Web page Página web



English Spanish
To browse the Internet Navegar por Internet
To download Bajar archivos / Descargar archivos
To drag Arrastrar
To email Enviar algo por correo electrónico
To manage Gestionar
To plug in Conectar
To print Imprimir
To reply Responder
To restart Reiniciar
To scroll down Desplazarse hacia abajo
To scroll up Desplazarse hacia arriba
To shut down Apagar
To start up Encender
To store Almacenar
To subscribe Suscribirse
To switch off Apagar
To switch on Encender
To type Escribir
To unplug Desconectar


We hope you have enjoyed this Spanish Vocabulary about Computer parts (hardware) and the Internet!

See you soon!❤️