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Earn 3 credits in only 3 weeks of classes!

Students travelling to Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia may earn university transfer credits while studying at one or all three of our fantastic locations in the Andean region.

Undergraduate & graduate credit is available at all levels, from beginner Spanish to upper-level courses, and is fully transferable to other accredited universities.

Many USA/CANADIAN teachers receive continuing university credit with their school district through our program. LatinoSchools’s overseas programs have been nationally recognized for their excellence.

If a student wishes to come during the summer, the minimum lenght of time is three (3) weeks for one course (3 credits), and if a student comes for one semester (can do a 12 or 17 weeks program with 15 credits. Student must select 5 courses).



Course Description
SPANISH 111-112, BEGINNING SPANISH I-II Intensive course for beginners in Spanish. Primary objective: to help students begin early and meaningful communication in Spanish by acquiring necessary basic skills. Emphasizes all four language skills: reading, writing, and especially listening and speaking. Secondary objective: to provide insight into Hispanic culture and society through readings, discussions and activities.
SPANISH 221-222, INTERMEDIATE SPANISH I-II Continuing study of the Spanish language with additional emphasis on reading and writing skills. Study of Hispanic culture and close reading of selected Hispanic texts from various genres. Extensive grammar review, composition, and oral-aural practice.
SPANISH 299, INDEPENDENT STUDY Supervised study and research of an area not covered in available courses
SPANISH 311-312, SPANISH GRAMMAR I-II Intermediate level study of Spanish. Designed for students who have completed third year college Spanish but whose language skills need strengthening as they pursue upper level courses while studying abroad.
SPANISH 313-314,SPANISH GRAMMAR III-IV Advanced level study of Spanish. Designed for students who have completed third year college Spanish and who are pursuing upper level courses while studying abroad.
SPANISH 315-316, ADVANCED SPANISH LANGUAGE Advanced level study of Spanish. Designed for students who have completed third year college Spanish and who are pursuing upper level courses while studying abroad.
SPANISH 317, ADVANCED WRITING Study of composition, grammar, and lexicon at an advanced level with a special focus on creative writing.
SPANISH 330, PHONETICS & PRONUNCIATION Phonetic description of the sound system of Spanish, developed linguistically and applied to the improvement of pronunciation and spoken Spanish.
SPANISH 331, SPANISH CONVERSATION AND CONTEMPORARY ISSUES Is an upper level conversation course designed to move students from intermediate to advanced level oral proficiency. All class activities will focus on contemporary Hispanic issues and will consist of individual/group presentations, debate, and discussion.
SPANISH 332, SEMINAR IN LATIN AMERICAN CINEMA Latin American Cinema. Topics vary.
SPANISH 334, SPANISH FOR MEDICAL PERSONNEL Acquisition of specific medical vocabulary in Spanish, and the study of medical situations on hospitals and clinics.
SPANISH 335, SPANISH FOR BUSINESS & COMMERCE Acquisition of specific commercial concepts and vocabulary in Spanish, and the study of worldwide and local economic factors.
SPANISH 340, SURVEY OF HISPANIC AMERICAN LITERATURE Reading and discussions of selections from the major works of Hispanic American literature and their relationship to contemporary and subsequent society and culture.
SPANISH 344, REGIONAL LITERATURE OF HISPANIC AMERICA (Ecua-Peru-Boliv) Reading and discussion of Hispanic literature, poetry, novels and epics. Themes and authors include pre-Columbian legend, Romanticism, Modernism.
SPANISH 352, HISPANIC-AMERICAN CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION Introduction to society and culture of contemporary Hispanic-America through examination of political, social, religious and artistic forces. Emphasis on social-political problems and their affect on the United States. Readings, lectures, compositions and discussions in Spanish.
SPANISH 364, INDIGENOUS CULTURES Period, cultural, economic, and ethnic studies of the people of a specific country in Hispanic America.
SPANISH 372, HISPANIC-AMERICAN LITERATURE SINCE 1888 Reading and discussion of representative works in Spanish-American literature from Modernism to the present: Darío, Martí, Borges, Neruda, Paz, Cortázar, Vargas Llosa, Fuentes, García Márquez and others.
SPANISH 374, REGIONAL HISTORY OF HISPANIC AMERICA (Ecuador-Peru-Bolivia) A comprehensive historical study of the Ecuadorian, Peruvian or Bolivian region including pre-Columbian through contemporary issues.
SPANISH 380, SPECIAL TOPICS Offered periodically for the study of a particular issue, theme or topic in Hispanic literature or civilization; for example, Latin American social issues, Independence in South America, literary theory and criticism.
QUECHUA 386, QUECHUA LANGUAGE Offered every semester at every level for students.
INTERNSHIP 414, INTERNSHIP IN LATIN AMERICA Check out our internship program here.


Semester Courses

Ecuador / Peru / Bolivia


Winter Semester (15 credits – 17 weeks)

January 7 to May 6 – 2017

15 weeks classes, 2 week vacation (Jan 30 to Feb 3 & March 20 to 24)

Spring Semester (15 credits – 12 weeks)

February 11 to May 6 – 2017

Fall Semester (15 credits – 17 weeks)

August 19 to December 16 – 2017

15 weeks classes, 2 week vacation (Sept 11 to 15 & Oct 30 to Nov 3)

Fall Semester (15 credits – 12 weeks)

August 19 to November 11 – 2017


January Short term & Summer Courses

Ecuador / Peru / Bolivia


January session

End Date

January 27

February 17

End Date

January 27

February 17


Summer session


Start Date

May 6
May 27
June 17
July 8
July 29


End Date

May 26
June 16
July 7
July 28
August 18




3 – week: $1,410

6 – week: $2,820

9 – week: $4,230

12 – week: $5,640


(no meals)


3 – week: $1,260

6 – week: $2,520

9 – week: $3,780

12 – week: $5,040



– Application fee: $140

– Airport transfers and return in CUSCO: $40





Most students receive credits directly with their matriculating university. Or, student can apply for university credit for Spanish & Humanities courses through New Mexico State University (NMSU) or Brookhaven College.

Please make all arrangements directly through New Mexico State University prior to beginning the program.

Marcela Monger
Director and International Advisor
Latin America & Spain
Office of Education Abroad
New Mexico State University International & Border Programs
PO Box 30001
Garcia Center, Room 132
Las Cruces, NM 88003
Phone: 575-646-4334
[email protected]


Paid to NMSU
Items Notes
NMSU Application Fee – $350 Study Abroad application and processing fee (non-refundable)
due at time of application. Fee includes non-degree admission to NMSU,
ISIC card and two NMSU transcripts.
NMSU Credit Charge – 85 per credit NMSU will bill students for the credits for which they wish to earn from NMSU.
Transcripts will be released once program is completed, work is evaluated,
credits are recorded, and all program fees have been paid to NMSU
and the host language institute (whose charges are additional).
HTH Insurance (mandatory) – 49 per month