Spanish for Children and Teenagers, a Good Investment for the Future

People are born with an amazing ability to learn, and natural endowments to hear and distinguish sounds and make sense of what they are hearing. Children’s innate abilities make learning languages simple. Why not take advantage of those early years to learn a different language such as Spanish with the same aptitude as their mother tongue?

Why learn languages from an early age?

In the first years of life, children are like sponges, absorbing everything they receive through their senses. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch become their weapons for discovering the world and being able to communicate and move autonomously. They do it effortlessly as if it were just another game.

Many studies point to the benefits of growing up learning more than one language and the advantages bilingual children have over those who only master their mother tongue. This is in terms both of their academic future where they have more access to good universities, and subsequent professional opportunities thanks to their language skills.

But beyond their future, learning languages such as Spanish can also bring advantages for their cognitive, emotional and social development. It has been scientifically proven people who speak several languages have a more developed brain, and are better able to solve problems.

Why learn languages from an early age?
It is equally beneficial for social relationships. Different studies affirm bilingual children have better concentration, can better control their impulses, and are more adaptable with other groups of children.

In addition, those who study languages abroad have a much easier time understanding cultural differences and connecting with people from other countries. This helps them to have a more inclusive and tolerant vision.

Tips for choosing a Spanish course for children and teenagers

One of the greatest concerns of parents is choosing the most appropriate language course for the age and abilities of the child or adolescent. Many language academies offer Spanish courses, but not all of them are designed for the needs of the youngest members of the family.

Therefore, it is advisable to decide on schools with specific Spanish courses for children and teenagers, like our Teen Spanish Program where learning will be a fun challenge. In this type of program, Spanish lessons usually include games and activities making Spanish learning more dynamic.

Another option is to take some family courses, which will allow all members to learn a language while they explore another country. This is the best alternative for elementary age students. From this age forward, it is more advisable to choose a language immersion course abroad, which will make them feel more autonomous and will allow for greater maturity.

The advantages of continuing to study Spanish
Our schools in Cuzco, Quito, and Sucre, Bolivia offer Spanish programs for teenagers designed for them to learn the language in a fun and safe environment.

Tips for choosing a Spanish course for children and teenagers

The advantages of continuing to study Spanish

To ensure the benefits of learning Spanish are maintained for the long term, it is not enough to take a single Spanish course. Experts recommend in addition to taking longer Spanish courses, either online or on a regular basis each year, the new language should be introduced into the daily routine of young children.

This way, they will learn Spanish almost without realizing it, and in parallel with their mother tongue, progressively becoming bilingual adults. Once they reach university age, they will be able to boost their CV with Spanish courses for university credits, volunteer or internships. These are all highly valued by academic centers and global companies.

In order for them to progress quickly, they are accompanied in class by other Latin American students of similar ages with whom they will be able to practice their Spanish. They will not only learn Spanish, but also will make some new friends, something significant during childhood and adolescence. They will be able to continue practicing Spanish with these friends after the course

Accompanied at all times by our teachers and instructors, they will be able to stay from 1 to 4 weeks. This will include 7 hours of Spanish classes and activities daily. From the moment they arrive at their destination, they will be in constant contact with the inhabitants of the city, starting with their host families, who will make them feel at home. They will also be able to go sightseeing and learn about other customs and lifestyles which will enrich their way of seeing the world and relating to others.

Our Spanish schools in Quito, Cuzco, and Sucre, Bolivia are waiting for you with open arms. Enroll your children in our Spanish course for teenagers!